Who is Noa?

Noa Spector-Flock is a licensed massage therapist, with a Masters’ degree in Education. She has taught movement, wellness and injury prevention at the University of South Florida, at St. Petersburg College and in the Dance Department of Gibbs High School.

Noa has maintained a private practice for muscle therapy and movement education since 1982 and presently works at the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg, Florida. She is available to teach and present workshops. For more information, please contact her at noanik@gmail.com.

Noa’s publications include:

  • Get Stronger by Stretching – book & DVD’s
  • Forever Fit: for Mature People and Beyond – book & DVD
  • Towards a Perfect Turnout (for dancers) – booklet & DVD

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  1. Chavah Fried

    Hello Noa
    Your books and DVDs are exactly what I’ve been looking for! I love your voice and pace of instruction. I ordered your book “Get Stronger by Stretching” and look forward to it every day! Thank you so very much!

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