How and Why was this site created ?

In January 2009 I happened to be in Israel, attending to my mother who had broken her pubic bone falling while on her way to the bathroom. Feeling a new a strange sensation I checked with a mirror to discover something I did not know about until that day – a bulge between my legs that was not there before. The Dr. confirmed and educated me – I had pelvic organ prolapse. He said surgery was an option, but I would have to redo it about seven years later. He fitted me for a pessary (there are many types, for different defects and reasons). It did not fit me and did not work. I later learned it could not have fit me. It pressed on my bladder and was very uncomfortable.

In March 2010 I returned home to the US and visited another surgeon. He confirmed the diagnosis with some variation and suggested surgery. I declined and went out to educate myself. I wanted to find a way without surgery. I tried “Whole Woman.” It is a wonderful website with books and DVDs to educate and guide you how to change your posture to fit a woman’s skeleton structure. For me, years of dancing and genetics created a very flat neck, and lumbar region with a reverse curve, and no butt, which made it hard and uncomfortable to assume the positions offered.

I tried to work with the sphincter muscles around the eyes, mouth and around the three opening in the pelvic floor. I bought a standing vibration machine Nitrofit which is a whole body vibration machine platform therapy to strengthen the core. I tried Athena, an English apparatus to insert that has different frequency to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. I have tried kundalini yoga and breathing (Breath of Fire, and Sat Kryia to name few). I laid tilted, head down and pelvic up in a diagonal, to allow my bladder to shift up, back to its original place.

After five years… I found out my condition only worsened. My bladder was pushing on my urethra, kinking it making it even more uncomfortable. I have also had pain in my right lower back for 25 years… I did not know why…no stretching, no strengthening, and no body work made a real change. I learned to live with it, manage it.

Until finally I was told that on the right side, which tore while giving birth, the muscles were not repaired. They were left there to atrophy. The stitches included only the skin above…

A light bulb…

I have no muscle on my right side to help support the pelvic and lumbar area. Without that muscle and with no real ability to recreate a curve in my lower spine ….all this and being 60 with less and less estrogen … no wonder all my efforts to keep the organs in place failed. Mind you, there is the argument saying it is not the hammock muscles in the pelvic floor that gives the organs the support they need, rather the abdominal wall and positioning the organs forward.

I feel that there are so many women out there that need information, that want to be heard, and want to find a place with some comfort while they are looking at what is right for them.

Please make your voice heard. Write your comments below.


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