Super woman? Or one in disguise

Why this page?

  • Expression of women from all over the globe who are interested in changing the common practice towards their bodies relating to child birth issues.
  • Women that did not allow themselves to acknowledge the damage done and kept on as if is well.
  • For our personal experience and search…. previous knowledge and the help of the community
  • Fifty to eighty percent of all women will deal with prolapse in their lives.
  • Once considered an grandmother issue, it is now epidemic in the postpartum population.
  • Let’s get educated and teach our bodies to support us.
  • As women, we carry the most meaningful job in human existence. We create the next generation.
  • This goal leads us through the built in path of raising our young ones, to cary our name and fulfill their destiny.
  • On that path while struggling with existence and doing the best job we can, we neglect ourselves and loose the connection to our own bodies.
  • We carry the unborn in us, we take care of the babies, we enrich them as they grow …and we forget ourselves in the process.
  • The body part that carry us, and gives us a second floor, at the base of our torso, is hidden, and may for years not create any problem that we are aware of.
  • When the kids are grown, and left the nest, we are now older, and we go through another hormonal change, many of us do get signs. The pelvic floor is not supporting the organs the way it was design any longer and we can view it as a hammock that is bowing down. The sensations are of heaviness and discomfort pulling us downwards.
  • The result? You may notice running to empty your bladder more often, waking up at night to make a run to the bathroom, and it may develop into loosing control while we sneeze, cough or even laugh. And so it goes…and gets worse…

A goal for this Facebook meeting page, is to get the younger generation ready, educate them to take care. It is not enough to give birth, but important to know how to live in their body for many years strong and healthy. We live longer, and we need the pelvic floor to support us.

As to us, the older generation? There are ways to deal with the lack of strength, yes, it starts with exercise, but there are times that a good surgeon with good sawing skills…. Is the answer.

Educational videos

Pelvic Floor Part 1 – The Pelvic Diaphragm – 3D Anatomy Tutorial Pelvic Floor Part 2 – Perineal Membrane and Deep Perineal Pouch – 3D Anatomy Tutorial Clinical Reproductive Anatomy – Uterus – Prolapse New Project from Noa Spector-Flock on Vimeo. Introduction to Female Reproductive Anatomy – 3D Anatomy Tutorial Introduction to Female Reproductive Anatomy …

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How and Why was this site created ?

In January 2009 I happened to be in Israel, attending to my mother who had broken her pubic bone falling while on her way to the bathroom. Feeling a new a strange sensation I checked with a mirror to discover something I did not know about until that day – a bulge between my legs …

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photo-16 copy

Is it common to tear during a vaginal birth?

Yes. As you are giving birth, you might end up with a tear. Often the tear occurs in your perineum – the area between your vagina and your anus.

It is more common to tear for women having their first natural birth the tears can be small nicks and up to to deep lacerations affecting several …

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Pelvic floor made simple….

Pelvic floor made simple….     Fact #1 – muscles in the body work opposing one another. When we contract one side the other side has to let go, relax and even lengthen to allow movement. If the muscles in the back of your thigh are too tight you will not be able to lift …

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What to do? class… ideas… and more

The Whole Woman Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence Class #1

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