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David H. Baras, M.D. Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Get Stronger by Stretching by Noa Spector-Flock is a thoughtful, well-organized exercise manual that will allow non-athletes and beginner to professional athletes to increase their knowledge and understanding of stretching exercises. Through clear and accurate descriptions, along with excellent drawings and actual photos of the author demonstrating the stretching exercises with Thera-Band®, the reader will be able to realize the benefits of improved flexibility, strength, and movement.

The accompanying three videos provide further in-depth understanding of each exercise along with the proper use and function of the band with each particular exercise. Get Stronger by Stretching with with Thera-Band® is an excellent addition to any healthcare provider’s library; I highly recommend this stretching exercise manual for all individuals who want a better understanding of muscle physiology and to learn to perform proper stretching techniques.”

Gigi Berardi

From a book review –

In this well written book, Noa Spector-Flock describs excersise program with Thera-Bands to improve sensory motor skills,enhance coordination and strength, and increase kinestetic awareness. For dancers in particular, the abdominal strengthening and back stability excercises will be helpfull in achieving core stability………

In short, this book is invaluable guide for any dancer looking for a portable workout…..

Get stronger by Stretching is a must for students as for teachers of dance.

Julia Chevan, PT, OCS

From Physical Therapy volume 82 #11, Nov. 2002

Most physical Theraist are familliar with the Thera Band excersise band and thier use as a theraputic tool in excersise programs. Noa Spector-Flock uses Thera Bands as an adjunct to a workout that was developed who are interested in health and fitness……

Unlike many excercise and fitness books that concentrate on excercises as means of creating a “meaner and leaner” look, this book focuses on excersise as a means of improving what Spector-Flock calls “harmony and effeciency of movement.”……..

Physical theerapisrs working with preforming arts therapy clients who shun the “gym” approach to excersise will find this book valuable as a recommenfation for thier patients and clients who seek an alternative excercise approach.

Kristen Kwiatkowski-Digwood, ADVANCE for physical therapist & PT

Dec.9,2002 ADVANCE for physical therapists & PT assistants

PTs could use this book for building fitness programs for patients to use at home in addition to their scheduled outpatient routines, or as a program to continue excercising after fischarge from physical therapy………

……….The excersises in the book provide a unique workout that can be done any where, with cheap equipment, and progressed easily. This is a good text for anyone looking to spice up his or her excercise program, or to recommend to clients for home use.

Jenny Weiss

From Dance Teacher Magazine Dec. 2002

This no frills book by a movement educator and massage therapist contains exercises to gently strengthen muscles and fine tune alignment using Thera-Band for resistance. The author’s discussions of movement-related life experiences encourage a goal of ongoing growth rather than physical perfection

Deanne Groves, adult client:

Transformative experience – Spend just a few months in weekly classes with Noa and you (and others) will notice the transformation in yourself. In fact, join her for just one class and you’ll feel the difference: subtle changes in the way you sit, stand and in the flexibility of your limbs and torso. You won’t want to stop there, you’ll look forward to participating again and again.

This is yoga like no other, a new experience of movement in every class.

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