Get Stronger by Stretching

An imaginative and unique exercise program which will teach you how to contract a specific muscle while lengthening it. This “eccentric contraction” (as explained in the book) will integrate the movement of a certain muscle with the surrounding joints and muscles in that area, in order to involve the whole body and to create harmonious movement. The book comes with a Thera-Band®, and a 6 foot-long elastic device. After using Noa’s program, you will be prepared for virtually any physical activity.
ISBN 1-55212-368-5

153 pages; soft or spiral bound

About the Book

The exercises in this book will help you learn how to initiate movement from the larger and stronger muscles within the center of the body, which creates efficient movement, and let it continue through to the smaller muscles in the extremities, which will result in more efficient and more delicate movement for expression.

The main goal is to create strength and length in your body equally, so that both qualities will support and balance each other. More than that, my vision is that your body will then integrate efficiency and harmony of movement. This is why I chose exercises involving muscle groups and integrating areas. By following the instructions described, you will learn how to initiate movement from a strong muscle in the center of your body (for example–psoas), and to include more muscles as the movement develops and expands.


How the Book is Organized

This book is divided into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 explains whole body movement. It contains discussions on stretching and strengthening, body alignment, and breathing.
  • Chapter 2 is divided into muscle groups and areas. These groups will gain additional length and strength through proper attention and exercise using the body as a whole system.
    The exercises will start from an easy level and build to a more difficult level by changing position of the body or by increasing the complexity of the exercise.
  • Chapter 3 expresses my hope for what you, the reader, will have gained from doing the exercises in this book.

How the Videos are Organized

The purpose of the videos is to allow the user to work out with video #1 on Monday for the upper body, video #2 on Wednesday for the lower body, and video #3 on Friday for the Center of the body. Using this method, the body has a day of rest in between workouts. The video covers are color-coded red, blue, and black for ease of use.



  1. Christine Adamchzyk

    Best body worker!
    I suffered for years from the trauma of a back surgery. I had tried many therapeutic approaches without any lasting results. Noa and I worked together for a year, trying various techniques and exercises until we found the things that worked for me. She has continued to work with me successfully with other issues that my middle-aged body has developed

    One of Noa’s greatest strengths as a therapist is her willingness to explore new ideas and to impart those ideas to her clients. She does not employ a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Her knowledge is broad and deep and she is constantly studying and learning and bringing that knowledge to her work

  2. Sharon Sanchez

    I am a competitive ballroom dancer, Previous ballet teacher, 60 year old living in Treasure Island. I am very interested in your program and classes. I need core, flexibility and looseness and turn out. What would you suggest for me? Appreciate your help. I am in good shape physically just very tight. Just coming off of a torn meniscus surgery so knee/leg very weak. Thanks for all! 727-692-7126

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