Forever Fit for Mature People and Beyond

The book “Forever Fit for Mature People and Beyond”, describes a method of exercise, using a resistance band. The book shows how to strengthen the body by contracting specific muscles while lengthening them. It is based on the concept of working the body as a system to maintain wellness, achieve coordination and flow of movement while increasing strength and flexibility. The principles of muscle movement and correct alignment are discussed and taught. This book is addressed for and can be used by all. The program is designed to improve sensory motor skills, balance and coordination.

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The focus of this book is an exercise program, which teaches how to contract a specific muscle while lengthening it. This “eccentric contraction” (as explained with more details later) will integrate the movement of a certain muscle with the surrounding joints and muscles in that area, in order to involve more of the whole body and to create harmonious movement.


The eccentric contraction occurs while lengthening and stretching the fibers, yet the number of participating fibers is lessened. Having less fiber share the load creates greater tension. Consequently, the overload stress and tension creates greater stretch on the working fibers, resulting in enhanced flexibility. This means that warming up the muscle before your exercise session is essential. The first and utmost goal of the program is to create movement, therefore the thought directing here is of motion. An imagery of flow and movement coming either from our memory bank or borrowed from the animal world or from nature is used. This exercise program introduces Thera-Band ®, an elastic device providing resistance that can prepare for any athletic activity. In addition the feel of the band will provide a kinesthetic feedback.

The structure of the book- This book is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 explains whole body movement. It contains discussions on stretching and strengthening, body alignment, and breathing. Chapter 2 presents a warm up. Chapter 3 presents exercises for the front of the body, the back of the body, and the sides. The torso is considered, and the lower body is dealt with. The relationships between areas are explored and exercises are offered for you to integrate the body into one unit. The exercises will begin at an easy level and build to a more difficult level by changing the position of the body or by increasing the complexity of the exercise. You will be able to do some in your bed; on the rug; on a chair, or standing up.

The book addresses prevention from injury. Since injury usually happens at the beginning or at the end of a movement. If we allow movement to flow, progressing in a circular way, utilizing breath, imagery and intention with the work, we will be on the path towards attaining new level of wellness. We forgo the concept of straining towards achieving fitness, and thereby gain a continuous disciplined motion with its own rhythm.

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  1. Noa

    Any movement that is fine with awareness, and symmetry for both sides will help greatly

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