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  1. Crystal Streets

    I tried ordering one of your dvd’s on line but there was a glitch at the end when it asked if I wanted to open a PayPal account. I do not, but it would not allow me to complete the transaction. Is there some other way I can place the order?

    Thank you
    Crystal Streets
    (310) 713-2949

    1. Noa

      I would like to help you get the materials. Please call 7273452570

  2. Crystal Streets

    Hi Noa

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I will definitely call you tomorrow. Let me tell you about my issue. My left knee gives when I stand on it alone. My right knee is finr. My doctor says it will get worse as I age and nothing can be done. I’m 61, but I refuse to believe nothing can be done. My son has me doing some specific knee exercises and they seem to be helping. However I do believe that stretching can help my knees and legs get stronger. I will call you tomorrow so that we can make arrangements for me to purchase your program.
    Thank you so much, Crystal. 3107132949

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