Group and Private classes

You are invited to gently bring about awareness to your physical body by opening your joints with postures and with breath. Learn how to originate movement from the core, the center of your body and how to create flow and connectivity.

In group work all postures and movements are done at an individualized pace, so practitioners can be in their personal practice within the group. Emphasis is on the breath and in creating ease to move. You do not need to be flexible, strong or have previous experience to benefit and experience the class. Practitioners often say that the deep attention to the subtle aspects of movement while finding connections with in their bodies are enormously rewarding and they leave class in elevated spirit, lighter, taller and smiling.

The private sessions are also individualized to the student pace based on body needs and limitations. Simple, repetitive movement patterns connected with breath and mental focus will move you toward awareness and the ability to practice. these sessions have a therapeutic approach gearing to specific areas of difficulties. A copy/video of the private class is available via Email, so it can be repeated comfortably at your own home. Please see my Thumbtack page for location information.
Yoga & get stronger by stretching


I have recently returned from working with the 50th anniversary production of west side story that opened in La Scala, and performed in other venues such as the Chatelet in Paris and Sadler’s Wells in the West End, London. During my time with the cast I was able to help the dancers and give them a thorough knowledge of how to keep their bodies in the best shape possible. They saw immediate results and were very vocal about their appreciation for the work we did together They talked about pain reduction and a feeling of better posture and alignment that they carried to stage.

I have taken an interest in working with company and would like to extend my knowledge to dancers. A proper knowledge in the dancing body is something that continuously strengthens dancers and furthermore, helps prevent injury which is something that can only help protect the company members. It’s an investment that not only helps now, but for the entire careers.

For booking work shops —

Thera Band class

This class focuses on body wisdom applied to yoga postures. Based on proper anatomical principles and movement alignment, we will explore postures, the process leading to body alignment and deepening the experience while in the posture. The process will teach coordination and efficiency of movement.

Class is on Thursday morning call for info 727 345-2570


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  1. Donna Ross

    Looking to get bsck in shape after a car accident…finally! How do I get started and what id the cosr. I’ve used bands during rehab. Thanks

    1. Noa

      It depends on what kind of injuries
      Write more or call to make a time $75

  2. Keith Johnson


    I’m in St Pete Beach for the month and looking for some Yoga classes. Is your class schedule current, I would like to visit your class.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!
    Keith Johnson

    1. Noa

      I have just updaated the classes for I started new ones this week

  3. Karen

    I am interested in taking yoga classes for strength and flexibility. What are the monthly costs and do you offer more than one class a week? Thanks, Karen

  4. Nan Chamberlain

    Namaste Noa,

    I just became a snowbird… looking for a yoga or stretch class…


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