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Dec 14

Rotation of lower and upper back

Rotation along the back from Noa Spector-Flock on Vimeo.

Dec 07


Dec 05

Back warmup in to rotation

Dec 03

Herbs of light

Herbs of Light uses Love and Compassion in sharing Mother Nature’s Laws of Health to produce “Living Food”, GMO Free, Organic Herbal medicines. We truly believe these to be as good as humans can possibly accomplish. The understanding from Hippocrates of how botanical food is our true natural medicine, shines with the truth of the …

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Dec 03

herbs of light

Jul 11

Effects of the length of the Breath on others

Effects of the length of the Breath on others “Your grit is not based on your muscles, your grit is based on how deeply you breathe. The length of your breath and your substance (endurance) are proportionate. How attractive you are is not based on your make-up, your dress, your jewelry, your art of speaking, …

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Jul 10

Meditation as a tool

Can you imagine – A tool that guides your mind to unlock the power of the subconscious mind to solve problems? – meditation will take you there

Apr 09

Feed back about Noa’s class

noa's class... feed back

When in Noa’s class I feel not forcing myself into poses. The movements allow for free flowing of energy and flexibility. Because of the subtly and awareness I am able at 67 to do things I could not do due to stiffens and joint pain attending yoga classes in the past.

Mar 10

Strong Bones 2-7-12

Mar 10

Feet to Hip 2-17-12

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