Dec 22

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Happy holiday to every one and happy new year.
I have never talked about burning fat, since it is not the main concern of my classes.
Knowing that the holidays bring with them lots of parties and foods that is “extra” (I am trying to be nice) many of us are battling the extra pounds that come with that.
I decided to include here a tip that will help you achieve your goal.

Benefits of Bursting kind of Movement:

High intensity interval training-
Study shows that the fuel source you use is the one you will tend to be better in storing it back after your work out.

Full engagement (activating maximum muscles in maximum ability) for 30 sec and recovering for 1 min. Or 1min full out and 2min recovery and no longer. Vary the things you do when you burst. you can repeat 4-12 times.3 times a week.

Therefore the benefits are:
* Efficient – short duration
* Improves your ability to burn fat
* Increases your metabolism in general
* Increases and boosts growth hormone
* Immune system strengthen and improves
Effects your ability to handle stress in your life

Be cautioned that you must warm up before you try this method.
Examples –
Run up and down stairs: Jump; Trampoline; Swim; Dance;
Classes will resume in Jan 3rd

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