Dec 03

Herbs of light

Herbs of Light uses Love and Compassion in sharing Mother Nature’s Laws of Health to produce
“Living Food”, GMO Free, Organic Herbal medicines. We truly believe these to be as good
as humans can possibly accomplish. The understanding from Hippocrates of how botanical food is our
true natural medicine, shines with the truth of the ages. Maintaining all of a plants chemistry, energy
and balance is now an important understanding of the highest conscious science.

The natural laws of Nature are the wisdom we wish to share. It is very important to understand that
“People Are the Magic Bullet” … not the products, although Mother Nature also supplies great tools and
ingredients of energetic and botanical medicines. These we integrate beautifully with lifestyle change to
provide the energetic flow and balance of what health truly is. The medicines assist greatly with the
emotional, mental and physical bodies which all help in getting true health back when that balance is

Because of our philosophy and process, Herbs of Light was given the honor of becoming the manufacturer of Edgar Cayce’s liquid herbal extract line headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.
This was a wonderful and humbling occurrence for us.

Energy medicine is also a focus for Herbs of Light and has been used to add healing energies to our
natural herbal products. This is used with intent and focus emanating from our Heart and Nature’s
Sun for its transmission. Highly evolved modern day use of energy medicine can be seen in this
Medicine-less Hospital in China as narrated by Gregg Braden, in The Science of Miracles… which shows
a cancerous tumor disappearing within less than 3 minutes ……
Medicine-less Hospital
Herbs of Light looks forward to its evolvement into this understanding of medicine. The effects of energy
on water that Dr. Emoto describes, has been a great starting point. Please view a short video about his work here: Dr. Emoto
An understanding of our processes within our lab are shared in the drop down menu. Any commentaries or questions you might have are greatly appreciated. Our passions of learning and maintaining new perceptions of evolvement are essential, thus we seek reflection. This link relates to the Mission we have Religion of the 21st Century

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