Oct 04

FitWall and welcome

Hello every one,


Last week I have experienced a new type of exercise – – FitWall that came out to the market 2009. I than read about it and found some similarities to the work we do together in my classes.

True, we are most of the time horizontal rather than vertical but the use of the whole body and engaging as many muscles as possible for burning calories and maximizing the work made me want to share this with you  the biggest difference is that in my work /class  we are also being connected via our awareness and intension  which means, the work is with intension and creating the mind body connection

so here is the summary of


         Vertical Training

The FitWall is undoubtedly one of the most capable products for achieving goals. With its plyometrics step, fitbar, resistance bands, and static straps, you can take just about any exercise imaginable to the wall! But thats not the only capabilites of the FitWall. The FitWall actually introduces a completely unique modality to the fitness world called Vertical Training.

Vertical Training was designed to incorporate as many muscles in single movements as possible. This is achieved by taking the exercise from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane. Vertical Training is done on the FitWall when you are attached to the vertical surface with no other support than yourself while exercising. Because you have removed all horizontal support and stabilization, the body is forced to turn on all your muscles from fingertip to toe the entire time you are exercising.

Because it takes your feet out from under you, it causes the lower lobe of your brain, your auto response system, to go into a guarded state. This brings all muscles online and ready for action. Immediately, because of this reaction, the body begins burning calories – even without any movement on the FitWall. In addition, this “guarded state” serves to amplify, or increase, the calorie consumption on a whole-body basis when movement IS made on the FitWall. This is Vertical Training and it results in Total Body Calorie Consumption and Muscle Integration simultaneously. Not just one or two muscles or groups of muscles, but all the muscles in your body are online at the same time working together in synergy.

Every muscle is demanding and consuming calories during every exercise, even when isolating one muscle or muscle group. With a very small amount of movement on the FitWall, the person exercising will have calorie consumption globally. (This is nickel-and-diming the individual muscle, while globally the body is spending a great deal of energy!) This takes very little time by comparison to consume available calories. Work out five minutes instead of forty, or ten instead of an hour or more!


Hi Again,

I am looking forward to seeing all the winter visitors soon and encourage you to go on line and take some of the new classes. During the months of March -June I had some classes that are built on specific yoga postures.

Would love to get your feed back,

See you soon


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