Jul 11

Effects of the length of the Breath on others

Effects of the length of the Breath on others

“Your grit is not based on your muscles, your grit is based on how deeply you breathe.
The length of your breath and your substance (endurance) are proportionate.
How attractive you are is not based on your make-up, your dress, your jewelry, your art of speaking, and your everything.
How slowly and long you breath, that is attractive. Because your psyche affects the psyche of other person and the life energy is measured by the length of the breath and the depth of it. Length and depth of the breath measures the effect of your psyche on another person’s psyche.”

The entire Universe is just one person. There are no two persons. There is one link of the breath of life, which comes from me to you, to you, to you, to you, to you to you……It is all linked with the one thing. When it is disconnected, you are gone. We are all one mala, one rosary, linked with one thread of the breath of life”
Yogi Bhajan

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