Jun 16

21 stages of Meditation

When meditating we must start with the self.
Each of the three journeys that guide you through the stages, focuses on different tasks and skill to refine, expand and awaken the Self. Yogi Bhajan said there is the ego, the little or finite Self, and the infinite or real Self. Awareness comes from the real self. So our task is to bring that awareness into each level of our existence and through all facets of our mind.
Self is very precious because you have to find it in order to give it. He said – once you find self give it away to the One who gave it to you. You will become a legend as a human being.
Meditation gives us the tools to master over the mind rather the other way-around.
Receiving communication of life at your frequency, that is # 1
Receiving communication with an understanding at your frequency, is the secret of happiness.

The structure of the intense 6 day journey- 21 stages of meditation.

When we meditate we begin where we are as we are. Then we steadily sharpen our consciousness, clear our mind and strengthen our body.
It happens in stages, it can not be forced; realization can happen when you relax.
there are stages of development, were you continuously refining and perfecting the contemplative skills of each stage.
With is the 21 stages there are 3 main journeys. Each journey has 7 stages representing a meditative skill, as well as the development of a particular dimension of the self.

1 the crystallized self

Upset; Boredom; Irritation; Frustration; Focus; Absorption; Experience and Crystallize the self. Here we become witness to all thoughts and feelings. We let them flow through us with out resistance

2. The Expressive self

Rasa; Delight; Politeness Humility; Elevation; Graceful Enlightenment; Express and be yourself.
here we develop a sensitivity to the self especially as we engage in relationships and participate in life and all its commitments.

3. The Transcendence Self

Presence like a Beacon; Radiance Everywhere; Prayerful Stillness; Preacher; Teacher; Sage; Infinite Pulse.
Here the focus is on merging and transcending the self.

In #1 we mastered the differences between ourselves and our emotions. In #2 we mastered being and expressing our Self within the game of polarities. In #3 we sublimate our sense of self We recognize all that we are as the formless presence of the finite Self. We open the dimension of our transcendent Self. This journey requires us to go beyond differences and similarities into reality and unity.

As we go through the stages we can experience joy happiness and bliss. Joy increases in the first journey, as the emotional, reactive and unconscious blocks clear from our mind. Happiness includes joy but adds the aspect of self. It is not only the pleasure of what we do but how we do it. here we experience excellence, commitment, and fulfillment we bring to it.
Happiness begins when we have a sense of self. Through the second journey we happiness expand and is refined and stabilize in every part in our life.
Bliss is the fruit of the third journey. It includes joy and happiness and add to it a deep sense of fulfillment and clarity that only comes as we transcend the finite Self and the burdens of the ego Here we become the flow of wisdom, infinite innocence at playa presence that observe and yet participates in all things with spontaneity and grace

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