Mar 07

Interview with Noa at a Yoga Village

A Yoga Village featured an interview with me about my yoga interest this month. The full post is available on their website.

What got you into yoga?

In Haifa, Israel at a young age, I would watch my mother teach yoga classes in our living room. It had large windows overlooking pine forests and the Mediterranean Sea. Mother would assemble her students, teaching them with the belief that their improved physical health and well-being would come about by their practicing yogic breathing and exercise.

These exercises were a combination of her astrological knowledge, adapting to the changing seasons, months and conventional yoga. I knew that yoga was a new thing in the early ’50s and that I was lucky to have such a technology right at home.

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  1. Wim D

    I have weak shoulders and the right hand shoulder is prone to dislocation. So here we are in class and I feel the shoulder going out of its socket. Noa comes and says “talk to me”. She feels the shoulder, we diagnose the early stage of dislocating, we agree that she finishes the class while I am immobilized laying on my mat.
    At the end of the class, she grabs my arm, pushes my body back with her legs and sets the shoulder. Talking about courage and confidence.
    Thank you.
    PS: in the emergency room this would have taken 2 hrs, trust me, I have been there.

    1. Noa

      I am glad it went smoothly. I have learned from all my students, this was a big one.

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