Oct 15

Welcome and November classes

Welcome to the Get Stronger Yoga Classes on the Beach.

The prison has no walls. It has only lines. Lines that mark the ground around you. Inside the lines are your old ideas. Outside are new ideas that invite you to step over and escape your prison. — “The Cure for all Diseases”

Dear Yoga Student,

Hope you are enjoying the fall wherever you are. In early October, the
weather was so magnificent we had the yoga class on the upstairs balcony
looking over the boats and the water. It felt like a gift to share yoga
practice with you, in such perfect environment. Regularly classes are on the
second floor all the way in the back on a soft, elevated floor.

Next month in Nov. we have two holidays on Thursday Nov 14 and Thursday Nov
28. The St. Petersburg Beach, Recreation center will be closed.

The Treasure Island Recreation center is using the room we use for voting on
Tuesday Nov 2 2010 and our class will be in the auditorium on 120 108
Avenue, at city hall

The rest of the winter is going to be full with yoga and new ideas

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