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Noa’s books:

1. Get Stronger by Stretching (for dancers & others) – book & DVD’s
2. Forever Fit: for Mature People and Beyond – book & DVD
3. Towards a Perfect Turnout (for dancers) – booklet & DVD

Noa’s training program:

A unique exercise program which shows how to strengthen the body by contracting specific muscles, while lengthening them at the same time. An exercise program that can be used by football players, swimmers, and dancers, as well as non-athletic individuals.

How? By using the elastic Thera-Band®, favored by physical therapists.
This exercise program has been used by many different individuals, each with their own specific needs. When necessary, the program can easily be modified to meet individual needs.

Learning how to strengthen specific muscles while keeping them long and flexible is the purpose behind Noa’s training program. This exercise program will teach you how to contract a specific muscle, while simultaneously lengthening it. This eccentric contraction will integrate the movement of a specific muscle with the surrounding joints and muscles in that area in order to involve the whole body, which is an underlying principle in this work and to create harmonious movement.

The program uses Thera-Band®, an elastic device that can prepare you for any athletic activity. It can be used during warm-up, providing you simultaneously with increased strength, flexibility and circulation during the same set of exercises. As a result, this program can be beneficial for all athletes, including dancers, swimmers, gymnasts, skiers, runners, etc., as well as for non-athletes who are looking for toned and fit bodies.

Overall program benefits include:

• Progressive Stretching
• Exercise for strength, with or without resistance
• Breathing techniques as a facilitator for movement and release
• Heightened awareness of body movement habits, which will empower you to choose more effective and efficient movement


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  1. Margaret

    Noa, I have really valued your Yoga classes at Treasure Island. I really feel that they helped to strengthen my back. I sprained it years ago and have had a weakness there for years. If I motivate myself to continue with your program, I believe that I will be able to use my back with greater confidence and less fear!

    I also have a neck problem; I have herniated discs and my neurologist and the neurosurgeon told me that “the best surgery is no surgery”. I have lived with this weakness too for over twenty years and my neck still feels very vulnerable. I have to be vigilant during any and all physical movements to avoid the terrible pain down my arm that I experienced for four months. No therapies worked for me until I tried acupuncture. It finally interrupted the pain message and I was able to do away with the T.E.N.S. machine and anti-inflamtory medication. Time has helped, too.

    I felt brave trying many of the moves in your sessions but I suffered NO ill effects. I think the exercises helped me to strengthen my weak areas. I am grateful to you and hope that I can continue through the use of your videos. I tend to need the motivation of a class but we’ll see.

    Thank you very much for all the work involved in producing these for our computers. I found the session I listened to a little hard to hear and wonder if I can increase the volume somehow. I’ll try.

    I found your classes very punctual and professional. I especially liked the presence of your well-behaved dog. He was fun to watch!

    Thank you again and I hope to return to your classes next November when I return from Collingwood, Canada.

    Margaret Willis

  2. liora

    beautiful site!
    friendly, informative, visual!
    yoffi –

  3. soma

    אתעמק אחכ

  4. Valerie Hughes

    Noa: I sorely missed your classes this year while I was in St. Pete Beach. My visit this year was short and I look forward to continuing to get your information and being there to see you in the fall and then the spring. I think of you often and and my elastic band out today looking at it and trying to remember some of the movements.
    I always learn from your gentle spirit and I admire your dedication to your practice and sharing with others.
    Namaste Valerie

    1. Noa

      How nice to hear from you. Will be delighted to see you in the fall

  5. Noa

    Wow! Thank you for the quick reply! Yes I ordered from Amazon but would like just as much to order right from your sight if it’s better. I just wasn’t sure about the products or if I could use my USD card form israelpost. So I understand now that you redid the DVD with the addition of a sample class. Fantastic! I’ll go get it.
    I got both of your books because I thought perhaps the second one had something different to add. I was once a dancer. (I want my body back!) I see from your youtube clips that you are a really fine teacher. There is a lot out on the market for exercise and toning going way back to Lotte Berk, Callanetics and their students who have gone out to teach their own version there of. Core Fusion/Exhale and on and on. But I just love what I’ve seen of you. Next week I shall be sure to buy your DVDs. Love your stuff! You’re a teacher to your very core!
    How great is the Internet! You’re all the way over there and I’m all the way over here and I feel like I’m right there in your class! Have a sweet and blessed year.
    Thank you again

  6. India Adams

    Love your website!

  7. Sharon Sanchez

    Look forward to seeing you at 2 tomorrow.!!!! Sharon Sanchez 727-692-7126

  8. Lynn Edwards

    Thank you for sharing your website with me. I am amazed at all the good information you present here. I will be sharing it with my daughter and my Mom as well.

    I look forward to checking out your on-line instructional information and perhaps maybe taking a class sometime.

    Thank you,

    1. Noa

      thanks.hope it helps

  9. replica Watches

    Great info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

  10. Andy

    your exercise and yogic programs are refreshingly new. Andy

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